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Charles Goodfellow


Charles, driven by a lifelong fascination with natural phenomena, embarked on an intellectual journey years ago to capture and preserve the elusive influence of a magnetic field on iron filings, even in the absence of the magnet itself.

Through relentless experimentation with various materials and scaling-up the process, this pursuit culminated in the creation of 'Magnetic Field Castings.' At the heart of his artistic endeavours lies a single industrial magnet, the cornerstone of all his magnetic artwork.

The magnetic casting surface, adorned with vibrant acrylic paint or pigments, transforms into stunning wall sculptures. The versatility of the creation process yields an array of shapes, each a testament to Charles's innovative pouring techniques.

As these magnetic castings come to life, they are named after entities ranging from the minutiae of the universe to the grandeur of galaxies. Beginning with the elements of the periodic table, each creation marks a symbolic journey through the cosmos.

Looking ahead, Charles envisions further exploration of pouring techniques, experimenting with multiple magnets, and amplifying magnetic field strength through electromagnets. His ambition includes acquiring an electromagnet akin to those in large-scale recycling centres, aiming to produce castings of monumental proportions—perhaps even the size of a sofa.

Ever open to collaboration, Charles invites those captivated by his work to reach out and be part of his artistic venture. Your support not only fuels his exploration of the unseen but also enables him to continue 'Making the Invisible Visible.' In the near future, Charles's artistic odyssey promises to push the boundaries of magnetic artistry, turning the intangible into tangible marvels that captivate the imagination.

Art Fair

Contemporary Art Fair 13-15th October 2022

Contemporary Art Fair 22-24th September 2023

Contemporary Art Fair 25-27th November 2022

Contemporary Art Fair 23-25th September 2022

Contemporary Art Fair 4-6th March 2022

Landmark Art Fair 20-22nd May 2022

Solo Exhibition

Riverhouse Barn 7-18th September 2022

Group Exhibition

Riverhouse Barn - October 2022

Riverhouse Barn - September 2019

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